Our patent pending model of home ownership works to solve your challenges

Meet Lauren

First Time Home Buyer

Lauren is looking to own her own home but is struggling to save for the down payment. See how Key Living is helping Lauren.

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Meet Jane & Jeff


Jane and Jeff want to help their children save for a home. See How Key Living is helping Jane & Jeff and their children.

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Meet Karen & Alkarim

Empty Nesters

Karen and Alkarim are looking to use some of their home equity to fund their retirement. See how Key Living is helping them.

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It would have taken me 10 years to save the down payment for the same unit. Not only will I get to settle in my own home sooner, I'll able to easily contribute and grow my investment.Riley, Engineer

It would have taken me 10 years to save the down payment for the same suite. Not only will I get to settle in my own home sooner, I'll be able to easily contribute and grow my investment.
Riley, Engineer

Invest or live in our community. The choice is yours.

For only $25,000 you can become an owner-resident in one of our first buildings in Toronto. We take care of the rest of the financing requirements through our investors.

Move into your new home and stay as long as you'd like.

You’re in complete control. You can live in your suite for as long as you want while you watch your value grow.

Need more space or less? Switch to a different suite in any Key Living community easily & without the typical 5 to 8 per cent in transaction and moving costs. We call it Home Ownership on Demand and our approach is so innovative that we have a patent pending.

We can earn money for you by renting out your suite.

Travelling a lot? If you want us to, we can manage the short-term rental of your suite and look after all the details while you’re away for a weekend or holiday. It’s a great and easy way to earn some extra spending money or add to your investment and have it grow with the real estate market.

Managing your home and investment is easy with Key Living.

Our proprietary Key Living dashboard means managing the lights and heat in your suite, reserving a housecleaner, booking a ride and tracking your investment can all be done on your phone and from anywhere. You can also benefit from our community and marketplace.

We call it living-as-a-service and it’s one of the innovative ways we help simplify and enhance your life.

Growing your investment is easy with Key Living

If Lauren had the option of investing $25,000 with us five years ago – and invested another $500 each month from money she earned renting her suite when she visited her boyfriend – today she would have $82,864 in equity.

Based on how the Toronto real estate market performed the last five years, Lauren’s investment would have appreciated by 30% and $19,071.

Plus, she would have saved $8,793 in her monthly residential payment, which she could have used to help grow her investment even faster.

Interested in digging into the numbers? We'd love to chat. 

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