How it

How it


We begin by buying suites in premiere buildings.

Stylish. Modern. Spacious.

At the centre of urban living. Then we give people like you who want to live in these highly desirable suites the opportunity to co-own with us.
If you’d prefer to find your own suite in Toronto, we also offer a self-directed option. So, you can pick the neighbourhood you like. Then we'll buy the suite you find and co-own it with you, as you enjoy making it your home.


You become an owner-resident.
It just takes $15K.

The initial home equity investment is only 2.5% of the value of the suite you select, which will be around $15k for most.


As an owner-resident, you get to live in your own beautiful suite at a sought-after central location, where commuting to work is for someone else. Since it only takes a fraction of the typical down payment, you can start building home equity many years sooner.


If you're a first-time buyer, you may access your RRSP for the $15k.


Enjoy the benefits of homeownership-on-demand.

Your suite is your home for as long as you'd like, and without having to be locked into a 25-year mortgage. Plus, you can move at any time without the typical hassles and costs involved with buying and selling.


Benefit from our living-as-a-service offering.

Our proprietary Key dashboard means managing the lights and heat in your suite, reserving a housecleaner, booking a ride and accessing your home equity is at your fingertips. We call it living-as-a-service. Visit our frequently asked questions for more information.

How Key helps you build real estate equity easily.

Lauren is an aspiring first-time home owner. She works in advertising in downtown Toronto and is sick of commuting from Oshawa.

If she contributes $15,000* to live in a Key suite on King West, she’ll pay roughly $2050* as her monthly payment*. $50 of her monthly payment will go towards growing Lauren's equity. The rest pays maintenance, taxes and residency costs.

After one year, she receives an unexpected $15,000 gift from her grandmother. Lauren decides to put the full amount in her suite, increasing her home equity.

Based on how the Toronto real estate market has performed over the last 5 years, Lauren’s real estate equity will appreciate by 30% over the next half decade. Which means by 2025 her total real estate equity ($15k +$15k + $3k) will be worth over $40,000*.

In addition, because she contributed more, she will have reduced her monthly residency fees.

*Actual numbers based on market value of real estate at the time.

Learn more about building real estate equity with Key.

    So, how is owning for $15K even possible?

    Our owner-residents aren't the only people participating in Key. We operate on a co-equity model where people interested in benefitting from residential real estate without the hassles of being a landlord can also build real estate equity. They do not live in Key suites, but they do share in the equity growth alongside owner-residents, which makes the $15,000 (or 2.5% of the suite's value) entry point possible.

    Learn more about home-ownership-on-demand.