Building real estate equity.



Hassle-free real estate.

If you’re interested in participating in residential real estate but don’t want the hassles and costs involved with being a landlord, Key provides a great solution.

You can contribute as little as $500 - or as much as you like - and share in the real estate equity growth alongside our owner-residents. It's also a great option for parents who want to help their children own one day, and for university and college students who want a head start on owning and living downtown.


Premiere multi-residential properties.

Key provides a rare opportunity to build real estate equity in a portfolio of premiere and brand new multi-residential properties located in Toronto’s highly desirable downtown core.

An important difference Key offers over traditional participation in multi-residential properties is our ability to purchase pre-construction properties at a savings. Our “one buyer” model makes us uniquely equipped to do this by saving the sizeable marketing and finance costs required in the current condo development model.

Plus, everyone living in our buildings will be owner-residents, which brings a pride of ownership and increased commitment to maintaining their suite and the common elements.

Our buildings will also be professionally managed by Key, unlike most condominiums which operate with volunteer Boards and no portfolio scale advantages.


Become an owner-resident sooner.

If you want to live in our Key community - but don’t yet have $25,000 - you can start contributing with as little as $500 and add more as you can afford to do so.

As your equity grows with the Toronto real estate market, you can accelerate your ability to become an owner-resident and move into the suite of your dreams.


A great option for parents.

Key is resonating with parents who want to give their children a helping hand when they’re ready to move out on their own.

Jane and Jeff have two pre-teens who would love to stay in Toronto when they graduate and start working. With escalating housing costs, they’re finding it hard to imagine how their family will be able to afford it.

Jane and Jeff are planning to contribute $10,000 for each of their young children, so their real estate equity can appreciate as the kids are growing up.

*Actual numbers based on market value of real estate at the time.

Based on how the Toronto real estate market has performed over the last 5 years, their real estate equity will appreciate by 225%* over the next decade. This means by 2030, their total initial contribution of $20,000 will be worth around $45,000*.

So, their children will have a great head-start and can enjoy living and working in the city they grew up in.

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