How it


What do I actually own?

You co-own the suite you live in, and you can stay there as long as you want. If you decide to move, you can do so easily, and with only one months' notice.


And because we’re co-owners, we’ll take care of the 6-8% in moving costs typically required with traditional homeownership.


Where does Key operate?

We're starting in Toronto in fall, 2020, and then scaling globally. We're thrilled with the high interest in Key. So, to meet the demand, we’re buying existing suites in premiere condominiums in downtown Toronto. Plus, we're offering an option for people to find a suite they love in Toronto and we'll co-own it with them.
We’ll also have $1B in residential real estate to create buildings from the ground up in Toronto. Everyone living in these Key communities will be an owner-resident.


Are the suites RRSP eligible?

Yes. We're on track to enable first-time buyers to access their RRSP for the initial investment of 15k or 2.5% of the suite's value.


What’s stopping other investors from buying units and renting them at a higher rate?

Our strict social policies ensure that Key Suites do not become secondary income properties for people simply looking to buy in order to rent out. Everyone who lives in a Key building is an owner-resident, like you.


What’s the minimum initial contribution if I want to move in?

It only takes 15K or 2.5% of the suite's value to become an owner-resident.


So, if you're interested in a suite valued at $600,000, your initial investment would be $15,000. If the suite is $500,000, your initial investment would be even less ($12,500). And you don't need to commit to a mortgage.


Can I contribute more to start?

Absolutely. And the more home equity you own, the less you pay to live in your gorgeous suite each month.


Can I contribute less to start?

Absolutely. You can start with as low as $500. And continue contributing until you reach 15K (or 2.5% of the suite's value). And then it’s move-in day.


Does my monthly payment add to my equity?

Yes. Each month $50 of your monthly payment goes towards growing your equity in Key. The rest of the monthly payment covers important things like maintenance costs, shared building expenses, and property taxes.


Can I contribute more on a monthly basis?

Yes, and we encourage it. You can roll in a monthly contribution, adding it to your monthly payment. Even a little extra each month goes a long way over the years.


Are dogs allowed?

Only the cute ones. So…all dogs, yes.

Learn more about building home equity with Key.